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About Tilt & Turn Windows
WB Homestyle offer a comprehensive range including Mock sash with horns and dummy transom styles available with many options and accessories relating to glass design, performance, colour and ironmongery.
Plain & Solid Colour Options
Plain & Solid Colours
Flat WhiteWhite FoiledShwarzbraunAnthracite GreySilver GreyBlueGreenRedCreamChartwell Green
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Woodgrain Colour Options
Standard & Prestige Woodgrains
RosewoodSherwood OakMahoganyIrish Oak
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More About Tilt & Turn Windows
This features a dual opening mechanism for Security, safety and practicality. By twisting the handle 90 degrees the vent tilts inwards to provide gentle ventilation; when turned to 180 the side hinges engage to enable the window to be fully opened for ease of cleaning and fire escape. All of our Tilt and Turn windows are produced from 100% Calcium Organic material.

Security is not compromised either, our tilt & turn windows are fitted with the latest security options as standard.

Recent developments in the double glazing industry now means double glazed Tilt & Turn windows can be rated the same way as white goods, such as fridges can. This simple scheme controlled by the BFRC (British Fenestration Rating Council) allows windows that have been put through a rigorous testing process to display a rating from A – G with an A rating being the best. All WB Homestyle Tilt & Turn windows comply with BFRC requirements and can achieve the maximum A Rating.

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