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About French Doors
With our WB Homestyle high-quality French doors, you can create a stylish and practical addition to your home, at a cost that might be cheaper than you expect without compromising on the warmth or security of your home.
Plain & Solid Colour Options
Plain & Solid Colours
Flat WhiteWhite FoiledShwarzbraunAnthracite GreySilver GreyBlueGreenRedCreamChartwell Green
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Woodgrain Colour Options
Standard & Prestige Woodgrains
RosewoodSherwood OakMahoganyIrish Oak
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More About French Doors
Our French doors provide a wonderful way to open up a room to an outside space. Our range of french doors are available in a variety of styles and configurations with both Low and Standard thresholds, open in/open out and side light combinations.

French doors can make a huge impact on your home – not just outside, but inside, too. This is because not only are you giving yourself easy access to get outside into your garden but you are also flooding the room with natural light!

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